Virginia lives in federal prison.

Twenty weeks ago, she was sexually assaulted. She has no money for an abortion and her family is unable to help.

Virginia is 26 years old. Right now, she’s living in a federal prison in Pennsylvania. While in prison, she was sexually assaulted by a member of the prison staff.

It’s pretty common for women living in prison to have irregular periods. Stress, poor nutrition, and unusual sleeping patterns can all affect your menstrual cycle.

So by the time Virginia realized that she was pregnant, she was in the second trimester. Which meant that time was of the essence. Which meant she’d need to figure out how to find a clinic and arrange transportation for two separate doctor’s visits. Which meant that the abortion would be very expensive – nearly $3,000.  

Which meant she needed help.

Virginia’s family didn’t have money to help her pay for her abortion…and they didn’t have money to raise another child.

A sympathetic nurse in the prison contacted the ACLU and the National Network of Abortion Funds.  

In the end, we worked together with five other organizations to get Virginia to her clinic and to raise the money she needed. Nearly half of the cost of the abortion came from our Dr. George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund.

Virginia still lives in the prison in Pennsylvania. She still doesn’t have control over her life.

She doesn't even get to tell her own story.

But with our help – and because of people like you – she was able to end this pregnancy and control whether or not to bring a child into the world.

To Virginia, this meant everything.