After I reached the abortion fund, I slept for the first time in weeks.

Now my husband and I can plan for how to take care of our family.

I'm a married mother of three children ages 6, 3 and 2. My husband and I have struggled with our business since mid-2008 and he recently accepted a part-time employment opportunity with a previous employer so that we can have more financial security. However, we had hoped I would've been able to find employment myself by this time. We had to cancel our health insurance because it was $600 a month and we needed that money to pay our rent and heating bills. 

I realized I was pregnant two months ago and we've just been sitting here praying that we'll come up with the money needed to pay to terminate the pregnancy. I couldn't even sleep anymore, fearing that it may be too late at that point and feeling "forced" to have a child I didn't feel equipped emotionally or financially to care for. 

During the day sometimes, I locked myself in the bathroom so that my kids couldn’t see me cry.

Last week, I sold my wedding ring to pay for groceries.

That night, I sat up until three in the morning, looking online for people who might be able to help me. I sent an email to the National Network of Abortion Funds, and the next day a woman called me back with the names of clinics and abortion funds that could help.

It took a couple of days and a lot of phone calls, but we managed to find the money.

I had my abortion yesterday, and last night I slept for the first time in weeks.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I could face my children. I'm still looking for work, of course, and money's still going to be tight.

But getting my abortion means that I can plan for how to take care of my family. It means that we'll be able to make it work for a while.

It means that I can have hope that we'll get through this.