Getting an abortion means getting a second chance

Darcy is 14 and she needs help paying for an abortion that will cost more than the family's rent.

I'm pretty smart for 14, I think. I love biology, especially the stuff on animals. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a vet -- I definitely want to start my own practice so that I make enough money and when I have kids I can be home with them. My mom doesn't get to do that very much. She works way too hard to support me and my sister.

My mom has tried my whole life to shield me from being hurt. Our life’s been so hard, and she’s always trying to protect me from stuff. I thought it would be too hard for her to know that I was pregnant and trying to get an abortion. But in the state where I live, minors can't get an abortion without permission from a parent or a judge. So I did end up telling her. It hurt her to know and I hated adding to the stress in her life, but in the end she was there with me and supporting me.

Money's always tight, though, and the abortion was going to cost more than our rent. I had $20 that I got from babysitting, but my mom is already behind on bills and only had enough for gas to drive me to the clinic.

My clinic helped me contact you all for help. 

There’s no way that me and my mom could have come up with that much.

Getting my abortion means I'm going to get a second chance. And I want to make it count.