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"I sold all my textbooks and still need $200. Now I’m worried about passing my classes and paying for my abortion."

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Selected media coverage

1/22/16 RH Reality Check. "Abortion Is a Social GoodSo Let's Start Treating it Like One," by Verónica Bayetti Flores. NNAF Board Member Verónica Bayetti Flores discusses the importance of framing abortion as a social good.

1/21/16 RH Reality Check. "Leading During Hostile Times: A Conversation With Yamani Hernandez and Nikki Madsen," by RHRC StaffNNAF Executive Director Yamani Hernandez and ACN Executive Director Nikki Madsen consider the challenges and opportunities they face as leaders of abortion access organizations.

5/1/15 RH Reality Check. "Fighting for Access and Justice: A Q&A With the Incoming Executive Director of the National Network of Abortion Funds," by Cynthia Greelee. Interview with Yamani Hernandez, NNAF Executive Director.

2/25/15 ThinkProgress. "Pricing American Women Out Of Abortion, One Restriction At A Time," by Tara Culp-Ressler and Erica Hellerstein. In-depth investigation of how abortion restrictions hurt low-income women most. Features interview with Nora Cusack, treasurer of Women's Medical Fund Wisconsin and Lindsay Rodriguez, NNAF Communications Manager.

2/6/15 Truthout. "Move Afoot To Overturn Hyde Amendment Restrictions on Abortion,"by Eleanor J. Bader. Profile of All* Above All Coalition. Features interview with Stephanie Poggi, NNAF Executive Director.

11/27/14 New York Times. "Activists Help Pay for Patients' Travel to Shrinking Number of Abortion Clinics,"by Jackie Calmes. Profile of Lenzi Scheible, co-founder of Fund Texas Choice.

11/11/14 RH Reality Check. "Here's How Much Money Your Tacos and Beer Raised for Abortion Funds," by Andrea Grimes.

10/25/14 Bustle. "The 'All* Above All' bus went cross-country for the abortion rights you hadn't heard about," by Lauren Barbato. Features Stephanie Poggi, NNAF Executive Director.

10/14/2014 Dallas Morning News. "Abortion clinics plan to reopen, but women are left in limbo," by Brittney Martin. With Misty Garcia, board member of the Lilith Fund, and Nan Little Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of the Texas Equal Access Fund.

10/8/2014 Democracy Now. "Bad policy, bad medicine: anti-choice law leaves vast swaths of Texas with no abortion provider." Amy Goodman interviews Lindsay Rodriguez, President of the Lilith Fund.

10/2/2014 Ebony. "The Hyde Amendment: 38 years of government-sanctioned discrimination," by Renee Bracey Sherman.

9/30/2014 ThinkProgress. "The growing push to end a decades-old policy that denies women their abortion rights," by Tara Culp-Ressler, featuring Karen Law of Minnesota's Pro-Choice Resources.

9/29/2014 RH Reality Check. "Enough is enough: repeal Hyde now," by Jazmine Walker.

9/19/2014 American Prospect. "Reclaiming our rights: going proactive to end discriminatory abortion restriction," by Kierra Johnson.

9/12/2014 RH Reality Check. "Pennsylvania activists rally for reproductive rights and justice," by Jasmine Burnett.

9/12/2014 New York Times. "This is what an abortion looks like," by Merritt Tierce, former Executive Director of the Texas Equal Access Fund.

9/9/2014 Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. "Ensure abortion care is covered," by Colette Rose and Maureen Stutzman, New York Abortion Access Fund board members.

9/8/2014 The Stranger. "38 years is too long to wait—Seattle must defend every woman's right to health care," by Bruce Harrell, Lisa M. Stone, and Rachel Berkson.

9/3/2014 Metro Boston. "Be Bold Road Trip rolls into Boston's Copley Square," by Morgan Rousseau.

8/27/2014 The Nation. "Why 2014 is the year to demand Medicaid-funded abortion," by Dani McClain.

8/25/2014 L.A. Times. "A women's rights victory as California nixes an attack on abortion coverage," by Michael Hiltzik.

8/21/2014 RH Reality Check. "I want you to eat a taco, drink a beer, and fund abortion," by Andrea Grimes.

8/18/2014 The Guardian. "Ireland and abortion: the law is failing women," by Mara Clarke, director of the Abortion Support Network

8/11/2014 ThinkProgress. "This bus may be coming to fight abortion restrictions in your town," by Tara Culp-Ressler.

7/31/2014 Feministing. "#KnowYourHistory: Women of color have been moving beyond 'pro-choice' for decades," by Verónica Bayetti Flores, NNAF Board

7/18/2014 RH Reality Check. "The People of color activists whose voices are too often missing from stories about Texas' 'Orange Army'," by Shailey Gupta-Brietzke, NNAF Board .

7/16/2014 Cosmopolitan. "The Long road to abortion for some of the country's poorest women," by Jill Filipovic. Mentions Lilith Fund and the Whole Women's Health Stigma Relief Fund.

7/14/2014 Clutch Magazine. "On who is deserving of the benefit of the doubt and why Black women choose abortion," by Shanelle Matthews, NNAF Board.

6/27/2014 The Atlantic. "The Rise of the DIY abortion in Texas," by Erica Hellerstein.

6/12/2014 Care2. "How abortion funds help fill in the widening gaps in care," by s. e. smith.

6/4/2014 In These Times. "Abortion's underground railroad," by Eesha Pandit, NNAF Board.

6/3/2014 RH Reality Check. "An Abortion access crisis behind East Texas' 'Pine Curtain'," by Andrea Grimes. Includes the Lilith Fund.

5/29/2014 Globe and Mail. "Outside big cities, abortion services still hard to find," by Kelly Grant.

5/9/2014 The Guardian. "Barring Northern Irish women from NHS abortions is an atrocious anomaly," by Mara Clarke, director of the Abortion Support Network in the UK.

5/7/2014 RI Future. "Let's not mince words, we were bowling for abortions," by Jessica Wainfor of the Women's Health and Education Fund of Rhode Island.

4/28/2014 Uprising Radio. "How attacks on reproductive rights disproportionately affect women of color," by Sonali Kolhatkar.

4/10/2014 The Daily Cougar, University of Texas, Houston. "Bowling for abortion access, funds," by Sara Samora. Focuses on the Lilith Fund's Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon with Lilith Fund Board Member Amanda Williams.

3/27/2014 Boulder Weekly. "Bowl a strike for reproductive freedom," by Dave Anderson. History of the National Network of Abortion Funds, highlighting the local Freedom Fund of Colorado.

3/17/2014 The Hill. "Abortion, Hyde, and the president's 2015 budget," by Andrew Jenkins.

3/17/2014 KALW "The Call." "What is happening on the front lines of the abortion fight?" Radio interview by Rose Aguilar includes Lenzi Sheible, founder of Fund Texas Women.

3/12/2014 Texas Tribune. "As abortion clinics close, student creates travel fund," by Alexa Ura. Profiles Lilith Fund volunteer Lenzi Sheible, founder of Fund Texas Women.

3/7/2014 MSNBC. "California's quiet reproductive rights revolution," by Irin Carmon. Highlights the work ACCESS Women's Health Justice did in 2013 to help pass California's law expanding abortion provision to advanced practice clinicians (quotes Samara Azam-Yu.)

3/6/2014 The American Prospect. "The last rural abortion clinics in Texas just shut down," by Amelia Thomson-Deveaux.

3/5/2014 RH Reality Check. "Two Texas reproductive health clinics close, a harbinger of a coming access crisis," by Andrea Grimes.

3/4/2014 "Legislators hear what they want on Reproductive Parity Act," by John Stang. Quotes Tiffany Hankins of the CAIR Project in Seattle.

2/26/2014 Center for American Progress. "The reproductive politics of living on the brink," by Heidi Williamson.

2/25/2014 Texas Observer. "Texas' new abortion law is driving women to extremes," by Carolyn Jones.

2/25/2014 National Partnership for Women and Families. "The fight for women's health in Louisiana continues," by Bethany van Kampen, New Orleans Abortion Fund

2/4/2014 The Grio. "Abortion rate dropping but women of color are still stigmatized," by Zerlina Maxwell. Quotes Eesha Pandit, NNAF board member.

1/30/2014 RH Reality Check. "Americans United for Life's efforts to eliminate insurance coverage for abortion get help from ALEC members," by Sofia Resnick. Quotes Megan Peterson, Deputy Director of the National Network of Abortion Funds.

1/29/2014 RH Reality Check. "HR7, and the consequences women are made to bear," by Kate Stewart, Advocates for Youth.

1/22/2014 Center for American Progress. "The Legacy of Roe v. Wade and the War on Poverty," by Heidi Williamson.

1/21/2014 Huffington Post. "Poor women on the margins," by Kathy Ko Chin, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum.

1/21/2014 ThinkProgress. "The next battleground for reproductive rights: maintaining insurance coverage for abortion," by Tara Culp-Ressler.

1/16/2014 "Most days, I feel like we're going backwards," by Katie McDonough.

1/15/2014 RH Reality Check. "House Judiciary Committee passes sweeping anti-choice bill," by Adele Stan.

1/8/2014 ThinkProgress. "We're finally getting a little closer to repealing the Hyde Amendment," by Tara Culp-Ressler.

1/5/2014 Al-Jazeera America. "Texas anti-abortion law forces women to make tough choices," by Lindsay Beyerstein. Quotes Hannah Roe Beck of the Lilith Fund

1/5/2014 Melissa Harris-Perry. "Impact of one party rule on reproductive rights," featuring Amy Goodman discussing the legacy of the Hyde Amendment and the need to repeal.

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Media releases

July 3, 2014: "We [Are Still Not] The People": The Supreme Court and another 4th of July

August 16, 2013: Comments on the West Virginia Attorney General's ongoing review of abortion laws (pdf)

July 2, 2013: Letter to Congress: DC's local government should decide local laws

April 10, 2013: Statement in Response to President Obama's 2014 Budget

January 3, 2013: Letter to President Obama: Remove restrictions on coverage and funding for abortion coverage in the 2014 federal budget

May 5, 2011: Statement on House passage of H.R. 3: House turns its back on women and families with the Fewest Resources

January 24, 2011: Statement on Dr. Gosnell: The Hyde Amendment, poor women, and unsafe abortion

January 21, 2011: Statement on Rep. Chris Smith and his "Taxing Women and Families" Bill

March 22, 2010: Statement regarding health care reform

November 13, 2009: Statement on the Stupak Amendment

September 10, 2009: Statement regarding President Obama's health care reform speech

National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon blog roundup

Laura Tatham, Paradigm Shift, May 15, 2013: Bowled over "I was overwhelmed by the amazing response from all my friends and family members after I initially sent out my 'give me money to fund abortions, please!' email..."

Opinioness of the World, April 25, 2013: Why I raise money for abortion funds, and why I hope you'll donate to my team today "I know what it’s like to go hungry because you’ve already spent your entire paycheck on bills..."

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser, Standing in the Shadows, April 19, 2012: Accidents & bowling "So, you have to love a nine-year old who says, 'Abortion rights? I’m for those, obviously.'"

Avital Norman Nathman, The Mamafesto, April 16, 2012: ...and then we bowled "All day long, as we ran a variety of errands, EZ kept telling folks that 'I’m going bowling later! I’m raising money so people can see a doctor!'"

Katha Pollitt, The Nation, April 9, 2012: Dear Pro-Choice Women of Means "The last time I went bowling was on a blind date in college. Believe me, I would not be humiliating myself in this fashion if I didn’t have to...."

Ann Santori, Halfway to a Midlife Crisis, April 7, 2012: Going balls out! "Because I can’t resist an excuse to make a fool of myself for a good cause..."

Sara Slater, Walk for Choice, Seattle Chapter, April 2, 2012: My story "I was 16 years old and realized I couldn't remember my last period..."

Avital Norman Nathman, The Mamafesto, March 26. 2012: Knock 'em down "I’m furious that my son might grow up in a country that allows its government to dictate what happens to a woman’s body (and how that translates to how society views women in general)..."

Sin City Siren, March 21, 2012: Let's go bowling! "You could be the one who helps create a second chance for a promising 14-year-old girl..."

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser, Standing in the Shadows, March 6, 2012: In another's shoes "Having spent some of my twenties as an abortion counselor, I really do believe that the whole walk a mile in my shoes thing is at the crux of a shift we need to make about women’s agency over our bodies, from abortion to contraception ..."

Julie, Golden Coat Hanger, April 20, 2011: Abortion access saves lives "They could be anyone, co-workers, friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, yourself. It doesn’t have to be this way. Class should never be a cause of death."

Opinioness of the World, May 6, 2011: Bowling for dollars "So what do bowling and abortion have in common, you ask?"

Sin City Siren, April 12, 2011: National Abortion Funds Bowl-a-Thon 2011 "Sometimes it feels dangerous to have a uterus in America..."

Amanda Marcotte, Pandagon, April 11, 2011: Chooooooiiiiiiiiiice "New York Abortion Access Fund is a busy one, because many women who live in areas where anti-choice legislation and anti-choice harassment and terrorism have made access hard come to New York to get abortions..."

Stacey Burns, Abortioneers, March 28, 2011: Just go balls out, already! "I've answered the phones at my local abortion fund hotline and I've heard the resignation in women's voices when the most we can pledge just isn't going to be quite enough..."

Maya Dusenbery, Feministing, March 8, 2011: Human rights, privilege, and why I bowl for abortion access "The right to choose without federal funding for abortion is like the right to an education without a public school system. It’s a mean joke...."

Alex Vesey, Feminist Music Geek, March 4, 2011: We interrupt the feminist music geekery to talk about protecting abortion rights "It’s not a game. It’s about livelihood. I’m willing to do many things, including bowl for it..."

Katha Pollitt, The Nation, April 15, 2010: Help the National Network of Abortion Funds! "Thank heavens for the National Network of Abortion Funds, which helps low-income women pay for their abortion care all over the country..."

Sin City Siren, April 15, 2010: Why Access Is the Name of the Game "If you were a teenage girl in Wasilla who found herself with an unwanted pregnancy … well you might have just been shit outa luck. Fortunately, that was never me. But I knew some girls..."

Abortioneers, April 14, 2010: Bowling for Abortion Access "She's you. She's me. She's your friend. She's your sister. She's your co-worker..."

Amanda Marcotte, Pandagon, April 14, 2010: Gloating and fund-raising "Abortion funds want to help as many women as they can, but there’s simply not enough money to go around."

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser, Standing in the Shadows, April 14, 2010: Blogging & (Virtually) Bowling for Abortion Access "Here’s a story: a woman came in and she was nearly five months pregnant. She had not known she was pregnant..."

Erin Kate Ryan, RH Reality Check, April 13, 2010: How much is your future worth?  "In three and a half years, I’ve talked to a couple hundred women and girls who’ve called the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund..."