TODAY ONLY: help the Texas Equal Access Fund go farther!

September 13th, 2012

Categories: economic justice, Funds, Texas Equal Access Fund

Q: What could be better than helping a woman in the Texas panhandle struggling to get the care she needs?

A: Helping two Texans!

Give a little, help a lot: The Texas Equal Access Fund is participating in a matching campaign this year, and today's the day your gift can go farther!

UPDATE: The Texas Equal Access Fund reports that they raised over $12,000 to help women in North Texas in a single day! Thank you so much to all who took part!

Texas has been through a lot this year, with a new law forcing a woman who is seeking an abortion to make an unnecessary, burdensome additional trip to the clinic for an ultrasound at least 24 hours before her procedure--which makes the entire abortion more expensive!--and devastating cuts to the state's Women's Health Program, which serves low-income patients.

Your gift of $25 could go twice as far today--and help someone like Marisol, Tereza, or Pearl