Spotlight on the New Orleans Abortion Fund

July 11th, 2014

Categories: Funds, New Orleans Abortion Fund, unfair laws

TIme to shine a spotlight on one of the many grassroots abortion funds working to change the world: the New Orleans Abortion Fund! This fund helps people who live on the Gulf Coast and is a founding member of the Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, which fights unfair laws in their community (NOAF members seen here presenting thousands of petitions to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's office.)

As one of the newest abortion funds in the country nears the second anniversary of their founding, they face some tremendous challenges: at least three of the state's five clinics are likely to close in September, just as laws in the neighboring state of Texas force more clinics to go dark. As in Texas, this will force women to travel ever-greater distances, to push back their appointments, and to pay even higher costs. In short, it is a disaster headed straight for Louisiana's most marginalized communities.

Read more about the New Orleans Abortion Fund and how they're preparing to meet those challenges, here.