Recognition and love for heroic acts of 2010!

December 22nd, 2010

Categories: abortion providers, abortion restrictions, economic justice, Funds, health care reform, Hyde Amendment, Medicaid, unfair laws

Thank you to RH Reality Check for putting together one of the best end-of-year lists out there--it's not a contest, but an arena for some well-deserved recognition and love for many of 2010's most passionate and righteous activists who work hard every day to create real change and "promote sexual and reproductive justice, environmental justice, women's human rights and the rights of LGBT persons." The end-of-year list sparkles with inspirational stories of influential mentors, abortion clinic directors who puts themselves at risk to provide care for women, advocates for sex workers, HIV/AIDS activists, and many leaders, from the prominent to the unsung, in the movement for reproductive justice. Unsurprisingly, there are many abortion Funds recognized among these heroines and heroes:
  • The Chicago Abortion Fund's My Voice, My Choice Leadership Group, currently composed of 14 members made up primarily of young women of color who have received funding from CAF in the past. The participants of the My Voice, My Choice leadership group are now telling their abortion and life stories to their communities, their local lawmakers, and even Congress. By empowering and supporting the leadership of the women most affected by barriers to access, the Chicago Abortion Fund is helping to build a stronger movement for change. The Leadership Group deserves national recognition for its critical work in supporting young women as emerging leaders in the reproductive justice movement.
  • Tiffany Reed and Alexia Zepeda, volunteers with the DC Abortion Fund. These women were key to strengthening the fund--as Frances Kissling notes, "without these volunteers (and many others around the country), tens of thousands of women would be completely alone at one of the most critical moments in their lives."
  • The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund (EMA). Another all-volunteer fund, EMA has doubled its fundraising in two years, and gave out twice as much money to people unable to afford their abortions as was planned in 2010. EMA has proven that grassroots fundraising works, that young people and low-income people can fund their own causes without having to dilute their cause with the priorities and reporting of big foundations.
  • Joyce Schorr, with the Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Fund (WRRAP). The President and founder of WRRAP, one of the only national funds in the National Network of Abortion Funds, Joyce single-handedly raises the funds that WRRAP grants, and is certainly deserving of recognition for her work in a time of great economic uncertainty.
But we know that most of 2010's major heroines and heroes are anonymous. They're you. That's why we also nominated the Donors to the Dr. George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund as our 2010 Reproductive Justice Heroes. Throughout 2010, as we have experienced political setbacks, the pro-choice community has rallied around the memory and cause of Dr. George Tiller.  In celebrating this hero of abortion access, the donors to the Dr. George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund have become heroes themselves.  They have done what he did:  invested in women, their dreams, their families, their futures, and their lives. And together, we will continue to work toward making the world a little more just, one action at a time.