One down, 31 to go! April is National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon month!

April 13th, 2012

Categories: Bowl-a-Thon , Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

On Wednesday, the first Abortion Access Bowl-a-thon--er, TRIATHLON, in this case--of the season was a roaring, soaring, balls-out success! Congratulations, EMA Fund!!!

Over a hundred Wii bowlers, karaoke-ers, and board game fanatics descended on Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts on Wednesday, and here's how it all went down: 27 teams drummed up 822 individual donations for a total of $43,535 for abortion access!!!

The EMA Fund first set a goal $35,000. When they passed their goal with over a week to go, did they sit back, content that their work was done? NO, THEY DID NOT. They RAISED their goal to $40,000, and then they SURPASSED it. Because at EMA, they go farther.

And that's just the beginning. There are 31 more Bowl-a-Thon events to go, starting this weekend: in Austin, Texas! In Fargo, North Dakota! In Amherst, Massachusetts! And in Las Vegas, Nevada! In every corner of the country, activists are fired up and working hard to make sure that every abortion fund can KEEP SAYING YES. And it's not too late to join: the Virtual Bowl-a-Thon goes through April 30th, and bowlers are still signing up to help out. Find out more and sign up here: