Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion

September 28th, 2012

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September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion. Today, we celebrate the work that our international funds are doing to minimize the dangers of unsafe abortion in countries where abortion is a crime, and the work that grassroots abortion funds do here at home.

  • In England, the Abortion Support Network is a beacon to women forced to leave Ireland to receive a safe abortion.
  • In Mexico, Fondo Maria helps those who need to travel to Mexico City for an abortion.
  • And all over the world, the international organization Women on Web helps women obtain safe abortion care in countries where abortion is illegal.

On this day of action we also recognize that abortion is still out of reach for far too many women here in the United States today. Restrictions on abortion funding force women to take dangerous risks and go without basic necessities just to receive health care that is their basic right. Restrictions on providers force clinics to close and increase travel distances and costs for women who are running out of options. Every day we hear from women who have stopped paying their rent and utilities just to save up for the cost of an abortion.

Carrie Klaege helped found the Abortion Access Network of Arizona just last year and has already seen the effects of new laws that require women to wait 24 hours after receiving an ultrasound to get an abortion. "Abortion is legal, but when you have to travel 300 miles to get to a clinic that provides the services you need, you don’t really have access,” she says.

We ask you to join abortion funds and our global allies today by declaring your support for abortion access. Join us on Twitter under the hashtags #Sept28, #safeabortion, and #abortionrts.

Leave your comments on our petition to Repeal the Hyde Amendment.

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