Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: Puck Ferrys

March 29th, 2013

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Congratulations to the Puck Ferrys, this week's National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon Page of the Week winners!

The Puck Ferrys are bowling for the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity in good old Austin, Texas, where they have their work cut out for them. Sure, their red state politics can make them blue, but they rile 'em up and get 'em ornery, too!

So many of the Puck Ferrys were nominated for Bowl-a-Thon Page of the Week that we decided to honor the whole sprawling team in all its sassy, gif-ified glory.

Most Bowl-a-Thon teams have five or six people, but you know what they say: everything's bigger in Texas, and the Puck Ferrys have eight, count 'em, EIGHT, bowlers cracking wise and raising funds for abortion access deep in the heart of Texas, including high-powered bloggers for reproductive justice Jessica Luther and Andrea Grimes, and none other than NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Executive Director Heather Busby. When it comes to protecting abortion rights, these gals know how to circle the wagons.

As you may have heard, it's been a tough couple of years in Texas, even in that bastion of loveable-lefty weirdness, Austin. As Andrea says on her Bowl-a-Thon page (note: possibly NSFW), "in Texas, we may love our boots, but not everybody's come with the same straps."

But the Puck Ferrys have buckled down and amassed what must be the largest collection of animated gifs in the entire Bowl-a-Thon...and they're so close to meeting their ambitious goal of raising $5,000 for abortion access that they may be forced to raise it before the April 28 day of bowling action!

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