DIY Bowl-a-Thon: Choice = AMAZEBALLS

April 26th, 2011

Categories: Bowl-a-Thon , economic justice, unfair laws

When Christina Gavin learned there was no Bowl-a-Thon in Pittsburgh, she took matters into her own hands. She and her friends are well on their way to raising $1,000 with their DIY team, Choice = Amazeballs!

Here's how she did it:

"I heard about the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Bowl-a-Thon because some awesome pro-choice Twitter friend retweeted some info. I checked out the bowl-a-thon page and posted it to Facebook. A lot of friends commented saying they were awful at bowling, but they'd be interested in participating. I poked around the bowl-a-thon page, but didn't see a Pittsburgh event listed. 

We heard back that the list was complete, but we could participate in the virtual event, so we got together for cocktails and planned where to have it and when; put up a Facebook event; emailed our friends/families/coworkers, asking them to donate; then Sunday we had our bowling event and it was great :) The DJ who was at the bowling alley was friends with a friend of ours so he made a couple announcements and said that any tips he made would go to us to support choice!

Jesse and Sarah own an awesome bar called Round Corner Cantina that often does fundraising events. (They/their bar actually paid for all the lanes we used.) Kristen works there also. Sarah had wanted to support the "abortion scholarship" for some time now. A number of RCC employees came to the event, some of our other friends were there, and some pro-choice folks we don't know also stopped past. Jesse made tie-dyed shirts for everyone and decorated a little jar we could use for donations.

I'm planning a dance party fundraiser for next Wednesday; Jesse and Sarah are having a drink special and all jukebox proceeds-night at their bar in two weeks; Kristen said she'd do a dance party at her bar in three weeks; and we're working on arranging one more the following week :) Sarah also wants to do an all-girl riot grrl benefit show later in the year."

Christina and the whole team: AMAZEBALLS! What an inspiring story! We're totally blown away...and if you want to help the team reach its goal you can contribute here. Or why not take a page from Christina's notes and start your own bowl-a-thon team?