"Many, many people do not have $650 in their bank account..."

August 30th, 2012

Categories: Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund, economic justice, Funds, health care reform

Danielle Boudrow volunteers with the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund and was one of six women voters selected by the New York Times to participate in a live video chat this week to discuss how the 2012 election affects women's lives. She was the youngest participant and the only one with experience working directly with women who are hurt by discriminatory abortion funding bans.

Here's what she had to say:

The Hyde Amendment passed in 1976 and banned the use of federal funds for abortion. What that means now is that women insured by Medicaid who become pregnant and either do not want, cannot afford, or choose not to give birth to a child are completely on their own to pay for an abortion, which here in Boston, starts at $650. And that's where abortion funds come in. You know, most people, you find out you're pregnant, and you go right away to get the abortion if that's what you plan to do. But many, many people do not have $650 in their bank account.

Watch the entire 25-minute video chat here: