Women won in 2012. Let's aim high.

November 7th, 2012

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Across the country voters spoke loud and clear this week: President Obama ran on a platform strongly supporting the right to abortion regardless of the ability to pay, and he won resoundingly.

Women won. By enormous margins, women delivered that victory.

Women of color won: 96 percent of Black women and 76 percent of Latinas voted for President Obama. Young people won: in this election, more people under 29 voted than people over 65. And in a thrilling triumph in Florida, voters crushed the "Stop Taxpayer Funding for Abortion" amendment at the ballot box.

The message is clear: affordable access to abortion is a winning issue. There is no reason to shrink from the discussion about public funding of abortion — the time has come to fight for what we really want instead of bargaining away the rights of low-income women, young women, and women of color.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity for bold action. In this next term, we ask the President to aim high, to listen to the women who decided this election, voters who said that abortion was the most important issue in the 2012 election.

"We believe in a generous America, a compassionate America, one that isn't weakened by inequality," said President Obama in his soaring acceptance on Tuesday night.

So do we. Let's aim high. Let's dream big. Let's take this historic opportunity to remove barriers to abortion access so that all women may live their lives with dignity.

You can start right now by sending a message to President Obama telling him to repeal the Hyde Amendment and end bans on Medicaid for abortion in the budget he sends to Congress so that every woman can make the decision that is right for her, regardless of her income.

Click here to send your message to President Obama.

Tell the President that you support efforts to increase coverage for abortion. Ask him to resist divisions, and remind him to aim high. Women won in 2012, and we are counting on him.