Why do we need abortion funds?

Short answer: 

Because $100 separates Amanda and the abortion she needs. But with kids and bills and car repairs and rent, there’s simply no more money. To Amanda, $100 might as well be $10,000.

There are hundreds of thousands of women and families who can’t come up with the money to pay for an abortion. Women need help today.

Longer answer: 

  • because a woman working full-time at a low-wage job only makes about $1000 a month and needs to cover rent, utilities, food, transportation, and child care; 
  • because every woman must have the ability to decide whether it’s a good time to bring a child into the world, based on her circumstances and those of her family, no matter what her income is;
  • because religious extremists and politicians on the right have no business telling a woman and her family how many children to have and when to have them;
  • because Uncle Sam has failed a generation of low-income women and girls by taking away abortion coverage in the federal Medicaid program;
  • because there are other laws specifically banning abortion coverage for women in federal prison, Native women who obtain health care from Indian Health Services, federal, state, and local employees, women in the Peace Corps, women with disabilities, and women in the military;
  • because in 2014, after the new health care reform law takes effect, even fewer women may have abortion coverage from their health insurance companies;
  • because women know what they can handle, they are the experts on their own lives, and they deserve the tools and opportunity to build the futures and families they want and need;

and most importantly,