Media coverage about the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund

Make a donation in memory of Dr. George Tiller, killed for helping women.

6/10/09 (online) & 6/29/09 (print) The Nation. “Dr. George Tiller, 1941-2009,” by Katha Pollitt.

6/5/09 MSNBC. “The Rachel Maddow Show.” (at the seven minute mark).

6/3/09 RH Reality Check. “Tiller Understood the Complexity of Women’s Realities,” by Erin Kate Ryan.

6/3/09 “Helping the Women Tiller Can’t,” by Lynn Harris.

6/3/09 Our Bodies Ourselves: Our Bodies Our Blog. “Support and Honor Women’s Health Care Providers and the George Tiller Memorial Fund,” by Judy Norsigian.

6/1/09 Lawrence Journal World. “Area residents respond to Tiller’s slaying with donations, other support,” by Brianne Pfannenstiel.

6/1/09 Amplify Your “National Network of Abortion Funds not backing down from terrorism.”

6/1/09 Associated Press. “Abortion foes worry shooting could silence debate,” by John Hanna.

From the Dr. George Tiller Memorial Vigil: