Chicago Abortion Fund's My Voice, My Choice Leadership Group

In 2007, the Chicago Abortion Fund launched the My Voice, My Choice leadership group to engage young women who have received funding and provide them with leadership development, public speaking training, and community organizing skills. The leadership group, currently composed of 14 members, is made up primarily of young women of color.

The Chicago Abortion Fund provides support services to the women in the group, including information and referrals to daycare, housing, and job opportunities. After training, the women join the Chicago Abortion Fund's reproductive justice team and engage in organizing, community education in marginalized communities, and advocacy with elected officials. Many of the participants have told their abortion and life stories in advocacy and community education settings.

My Voice, My Choice also produces a monthly talk show on abortion access. With support from the National Network of Abortion Funds, the group continues to grow and mobilize locally and nationally for greater access to abortion for low-income women and women of color. By empowering and supporting the leadership of the women most affected by barriers to access, the Chicago Abortion Fund is helping to build a stronger movement for change.

The leadership group is now recognized nationally for its critical work in supporting young women as emerging leaders in the reproductive justice movement. We are proud to spotlight the work of the Chicago Abortion Fund's My Voice, My Choice leadership group for celebrating the lives and stories of women who seek abortion funding.


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