How can I find all the money I need?

Abortion funds may be able to help you pay for your abortion and you may be able to get a discount at your clinic. But abortion funds just don’t have the money to cover the entire cost of your abortion, so you’re going to need to come up with some money on your own.

We know you’ve already been thinking about this non-stop, probably for several days or weeks. But we talk to a lot of women who are in your situation, and we think this list might help you come up with a few ideas that you missed.

The list is long and might feel overwhelming. Remember that these are just ideas – please don’t ever do anything that makes you feel unsafe or could put your health in danger.

Questions to ask yourself:


  • Can I get a discount at my clinic?
  • Does Medicaid cover abortion in my state?
  • How much is in my wallet right now?
  • Do I have any savings that I might be able to tap into?
  • Can I borrow from friends, family, or other(s) involved in the pregnancy?
  • Does anyone owe me money?
  • Do I have a credit card? Does a friend or family member have one?  (If I have time, can I apply for a new card? Could I request a limit increase, which can often take effect on the next business day? I can put just a portion of the cost on a credit card if my limit isn’t high enough.)
  • Can I get a line of credit at my bank?
  • Are there things that I’m paying for now that I might get for free elsewhere? (This would include visiting a food bank rather than grocery shopping, or going to a clothing swap rather than buying school clothes.)
  • Are there any non-essential expenses I can do without this month?
  • What have I bought recently that I can return for cash?
  • Do I belong to any clubs or groups where people might be willing to help me out? A support group, a study group, an activist network?
  • Can I get an advance on my paycheck?
  • Can I redeem bottles or cans?
  • Do I have anything to sell? CDs, textbooks, electronics (especially iPods & game consoles), jewelry, collectibles such as dolls, sports memorabilia, novelty items?
  • What about holding a garage sale? If my friends/family don’t have money to lend, do they have items that I can sell?
  • Do I have gift cards that I could sell for slightly less than face value? How about event tickets that I could sell to friends?
  • Can I cash in any savings bonds?
  • Do I have any money in my Paypal account that I can withdraw?
  • Does the other person involved in the pregnancy have anything to sell?
  • Do I have anything on layaway for myself?
  • Is there an emergency fund at my church?
  • Can I use my cable bill money toward my abortion and then ask someone else for help with my cable bill?
  • Are there people who might not help me cover the cost of an abortion, but would help me cover other costs? Am I comfortable lying to a friend or family member, telling them that I had an unexpectedly high electric bill or gas bill due to heating or A/C costs?
  • If I split expenses with a roommate, is it possible for that roommate to float me on my portion of a utility bill for the month?
  • Can I pick up some odd jobs (babysitting, raking leaves/shoveling snow, house cleaning) from a community bulletin board or craigslist?
  • If I already babysit or housesit, are there additional chores I can do that might earn some more money – laundry, cleaning, dishes?
  • Do I have a social worker or case manager who might be able to access funds on my behalf?
  • Can I return my textbooks to the store and check them out from the library instead?
  • Are there bills that I can pay late or skip this month? Can I talk to the electric company about changing the due date for my bill? (Note that it’s illegal for utilities to shut off the heat source for non-payment during the coldest winter months.)
  • What is my relationship with my landlord? Can I pay rent late this month?
  • Have I looked into selling my car?
  • Can I get a partial refund on my tuition if I drop a class now?
  • What would happen if I went without a landline? Can I shut off my cellphone for a month?
  • Can I call my children’s school about subsidizing their lunch for the next few weeks?
  • Do I have anything valuable I can pawn for a few weeks?
  • Can I sell some of my furniture, my television, my bike?
  • Can I sell the unused portion of my monthly bus/train pass?
  • Have I considered collecting bottles or cans on recycling day?
  • Are there any market research groups, product testing groups, or medical testing groups that I could participate in for a day or two?