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If you are living in Canada and seeking an abortion, the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund can help you cover the cost of accomodation and travel. The Emergency Fund does not pay for abortion procedures. Call Canadians for Choice after you have made your appointment, and someone from the Emergency Fund will call you back in the next business day.

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Other services: meals, childcare

Our Story

The Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund is a program of Canadians for Choice that provides assistance with the cost of accomdation and travel for women who must travel long distances to access abortion services. 

Canadians for Choice is a pro-choice, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to ensuring reproductive choice for all Canadians. The Emergency Fund was created to help ensure that all women are able to access abortion, regardless of their income. In 2010, the Fund was re-named in honor of pro-choice leader Norma Scarborough who passed away in April 2009. Norma Scarborough was a leading activist and was instrumental in legalizing and making accessible abortion in Canada. She worked tirelessly for a woman's right to choose.

Our Community

Last year the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund helped 23 women access abortions they otherwise could not have afforded.

Outside of major metropolitan areas, abortion services are scarce or nonexistent in Canada's largely rural provinces. Women must travel vast distances to receive the medical attention they need, and the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund at Canadians for Choice is a crucial resource. In addition, through a 24-hour information and referral line, staff and volunteers are able to assist women in finding services that are nearby, timely, and in accordance with individual circumstances.

Get Involved

For abortion funds, raising money is half the battle, because they can’t help women unless they have something to give. Donating to an abortion fund means giving a woman the resources she needs to make the choice that is right for her. For a fund like the Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund, the money you donate will help pay for plane and bus tickets or hotel rooms that women need when traveling from rural areas of the country.

To give to the Canadians for Choice Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund and start making a difference in your community today, click here and designate your contribution to the "Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund."

You can also get updates from Canadians for Choice and find out about events and volunteering by going to their website, emailing [email protected], or joining their vibrant online community on Facebook, where members share the latest information about events, resources, and reproductive justice news.

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