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If you are a patient of the Blue Mountain Clinic, the Blue Mountain Clinic Access Fund may be able to help pay for an abortion, even if you have to go somewhere else for your abortion.  They can also sometimes help pay for pregnancy testing, ultrasound, contraception (including emergency contraception,) and lodging, transportation, childcare, and meals related to your abortion appointment.  Ask about the Access Fund when you make your appointment or when you get a referral from the Blue Mountain Clinic.

  • Financial Assistance
  • Travel
  • Lodging

Other services: meals, childcare, pregnancy testing, ultrasound, contraception, emergency contraception

Our Story

The Blue Mountain Clinic, originally known as the Blue Mountain Women’s Clinic, was founded in 1977 as a feminist health clinic and was the first provider of abortion care in Montana. The Clinic now includes a family practice and is committed to providing the people of Montana with quality comprehensive healthcare, including abortion. 

Our Community

In addition to offering comprehensive health care, the Blue Mountain Clinic recently launched ASKMAP, a text and web based hotline for teens to anonymously ask reproductive/sexual health questions that are answered by trained professionals. 

The tight-knit, supportive community also participates in several annual activities: the Blue Mountain Clinic's annual fashion show, is an exciting event featuring clothing items made out of condoms and other alternative materials. Learn more here.

Get Involved

For abortion funds, raising money is half the battle, because they can’t help women unless they have something to give.  Donating to your local abortion fund means giving a woman the resources she needs to make the choice that is right for her.

To give to the Blue Mountain Clinic and start making a difference in your community today, click here.

Interested in volunteering with the fund, attending the annual fashion show, or participating in the annual women's run?  Click here to learn about opportunities at the Blue Mountain Clinic.

You can also join their online communities at Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news and chat with fellow supporters.

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