Build a stronger abortion fund

The best and fastest way to make your abortion fund stronger and more effective? Talk to other abortion fund activists! You can do this by coming to the annual National Organizing Summit, or by directly contacting other funds.

The staff of the National Network of Abortion Funds is here to help you grow, as well. We have collected resources and expertise on fundraising, foundation relations, media, state and local advocacy, volunteer recruitment and retention, public events, financial best practices, abortion counseling, intake, and fund and board structure.

Here are a few suggestions for building your fund into a stronger organization. Interested in learning more about these ideas? Email us for additional resources or help.

Key activities of successful abortion funds:

  • Fundraise often. Are you asking your donors often enough? People who give to abortion funds do so because they really care about abortion access for low-income women and other marginalized women and girls. Make sure that you're telling them about your shared successes and giving them enough opportunities to help the women in their community.
  • Have a plan. The National Network of Abortion Funds and our partners are working hard to dismantle the obstacles to abortion access, but it's going to be a long road. Are you planning for your fund's future? Do you have a yearly fundraising plan, a strategic plan, or a board/volunteer recruitment plan?
  • Have a strong and diverse board. When possible, your abortion fund's board should reflect the community you serve. Your board members should be actively engaged in your fund's future and long-term vision. Be intentional about the expertise or viewpoints you need when you recruit new board members.
  • Engage volunteers and mentor young leaders. Your volunteers are tremendous assets to your abortion fund, and they are in it for the same reason you are: a strong and passionate belief in abortion access for all women and girls. Use your volunteers' talents, give them ownership in the organization, and help them develop into the next generation of reproductive justice leaders.
  • Engage women who receive funding. Women who seek abortion funding have firsthand knowledge of the barriers to abortion. Give these women the tools they need to share their stories, to help you improve your fund's services, and to develop leadership skills so that they can stand at the forefront of the abortion funding movement.

Looking for a few more concrete resources? We can provide you with tips on writing effective fundraising letters, holding public events, recruiting young volunteers, providing abortion counseling, and more. Please always feel free to contact us with specific questions.