Carolina Abortion Fund

Carolina Abortion Fund co-founder and Board Chair Ali Nininger-Finch had been thinking about forming an abortion fund in her state for a long time. And in 2011, she did it. "After attending the Network's National Organizing Summit, I felt like I had all the tools I needed," she said.

The all-volunteer board consists of local activists from a diverse range of backgrounds and ages, including social workers, professional reproductive health advocates, and historians. They teamed up for the annual Bowl-a-Thon for Abortion Access for the first time in the spring of 2012 and exceeded their wildest estimates, blasting past their initial goal of $5,000 and raising over $18,000 for abortion access! The Carolina Abortion Fund started funding that spring. And they're not stopping there: "If we're balling this hard in our first year, imagine what we can do next year!" they ask.

Guided by our strategic plan, the Network continues to work to increase resources available to women in traditionally underserved areas such as North Carolina, where the need far outstrips the resources. This year the Carolina Abortion Fund won the Network's award for the Most Impressive Bowl-a-Thon Campaign at the 2012 National Organizing Summit, and we know they'll be doing important work for years to come. They're in it for the long haul: "Sustainability requires that everyone involved in the fund now knows why things are set up the way they are and that we ensure from the beginning new leadership is cultivated continuously and fresh ideas are acknowledged and valued," says Board Chair Nininger-Finch.


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