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March 25th, 2016

NNAF Denounces HB 2, North Carolina's Harmful LGBTQ Discrimination Law

The National Network of Abortion Funds is appalled at Governor Pat McCrory and the state legislature's actions to unilaterally sign HB 2 into law, legalizing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and non-binary people in North Carolina. The Governor uses harmful and stigmatizing rhetoric that marginalizes and endangers trans women. As trans women are being targeted, we must answer the call and stand up to this patriarchal attack for the sake of all women.

Our fights are intertwined. Ensuring access to bathrooms and abortion care -- regardless of income, insurance, race, immigration status, ability and gender ---are based on the same principles of compassion, dignity, and fairness.

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June 12th, 2014

Southern abortion funds mobilize

In response to drastic limits on abortion access resulting from last summer's disastrous bills in Texas, abortion funds on the ground mobilized immediately. This ongoing crisis has actually produced new abortion funds, including practical support networks that help with travel, shelter, and other logistics. We have been working closely with people in affected areas to help these emerging funds coordinate efforts, and we've offered assistance in multiple ways so that as clinics close, barriers multiply, and expenses increase far beyond what is feasible, volunteers and agencies are prepared to direct women to resources.

But even as abortion fund activists work to meet the needs of women traveling ever farther distances to get an abortion in Texas, a wave of copycat restrictions is rolling over neighboring states, threatening to close most of the few remaining clinics in neighboring states.

This is why we've been working with activists in these states — with the New Orleans Abortion Fund, with the Georgia Reproductive Access Network, the Carolina Abortion Fund, the Kentucky Support Network, with emerging funds in Mississippi and Alabama — to bolster their efforts and strengthen a network of access across a broad swath of the American south.

And now we need your help.

We are recruiting activists who have an interest in learning more about starting a fund, with a renewed focus on South Carolina, Arkansas, and Alabama.

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April 5th, 2014

Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: Kelz, with the Carolina Abortion Fund!

Congratulations to Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon Page of the Week WINNER Kelz, bowling April 13th with the Carolina Abortion Fund!

Everyone has their own reasons for bowling, whether that's to do something tangible in the fight for access to abortion rights, to become a member of a community of activists, or to have fun bowling while doing good. For many of us, it's personal.

That's definitely true for Kelz.

She explains, "I bowl to PAY IT BACK. An abortion fund helped me cover the costs of my medical abortion several years ago when I was unemployed and struggling to survive. Without the help of an abortion fund, I would be struggling to this day. Their assistance helped me end a pregnancy I was not ready for and continue working towards bettering my life and preparing for my future."

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October 1st, 2013


On the 37th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, National Network of Abortion Funds' Executive Director Stephanie Poggi joined local abortion funds on Twitter to discuss the impact of nearly four decades of a ban on Medicaid funding of abortion and to look towards a future without the Hyde Amendment.

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March 1st, 2013

Bowl-a-Thon page of the week: Dylan, with the Freedom Rollers

Congratulations to Dylan, captain of the Freedom Rollers, this week's Bowl-a-Thon page of the week!

We received many impressive nominations, from wizards in the Pacific Northwest to lemurs in the nation's capital, to an alluring homage to Maude Lebowksi...and all of these achievers will be in the running for next week's award, but today, in honor of sequestration, we're naming Dylan our hero.

Dylan bowled last year, when the Carolina Abortion Fund was just getting off the ground. Now he's on the board, and he's even more motivated to raise funds to help the women who call. As the board chair said in her nomination, "Dylan wrote an amazing message that brought me to tears. He should win because he cares. So. Much."

Dylan doesn't have any fancy gifs on his page. He's not offering salted caramels or piggyback rides or a year's worth of extreme couponing tips in exchange for a contribution to the Freedom Rollers.

No, Dylan has raised nearly $2000--and counting!-- for the Carolina Abortion Fund this year by telling it like it is:

"I have literally hung up our hotline in tears after telling yet another woman that we cannot help her. I'm in tears but I can't imagine what she is going through. For these women putting food on the table is hard enough--dealing with the cost of an abortion is back-breaking. I am angry that this situation exists in our country. There is such a wide gap between what people need and what they receive. But thankfully there is so much that we can do. I am proud of what you and I and everyone who has already helped the women of North Carolina has done, but there is much left to do."

We love Dylan's hopefulness and his faith that people can and will come through. Please check out his page and the hilarious levels of giving, from gravel to platinum!

Way to go, Dylan! It's because of you that the Bowl-a-Thon is such a success and that the Carolina Abortion Fund can be a safety net when the system fails.

To check out past winners and nominate a page of the week, click here. Every Friday we will announce a new winner!

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October 25th, 2011

New abortion fund in North Carolina seeks board members!

Want to get involved with on-the-ground work helping women with direct assistance for abortion? Activists in North Carolina are in the process of forming a new abortion fund and they're looking for board members who want to help make sure that all women have access to the abortion care they seek.

Could this be you, or someone you know?

Carolina Abortion Fund, a newly formed nonprofit organization dedicated to raising and distributing funds to assist low-income women with obtaining abortion services, is seeking volunteer board members. As we are still in the initial phases of establishing the fund, this is an exciting opportunity to join the fund at its beginning, influence its direction and widen its reach.

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