Our beliefs

  • We view the right to abortion as a fundamental human right, essential for women’s equality, health, and dignity.
  • We believe that abortion funding bans are an issue of racial and economic discrimination, as well as a violation of the human rights of women. We understand our work to be part of a larger social justice and reproductive justice movement to ensure the rights of women and all people. This includes support for low-income women to care for their children with dignity.
  • We focus our work on ensuring access and rights for those women who have the least access to abortion: low-income women, women of color, and young women.
  • Our work is rooted in the activism of our grassroots abortion funds across the U.S. who help the women in their communities on a daily basis.
  • Our advocacy work is shaped by the work of local abortion funds, which allows for a deep understanding of the circumstances and experiences of women and girls who need help obtaining an abortion. We seek to lift up and highlight the experiences and testimony of women most affected in order to move public opinion and shape public policy to increase access for poor women and eventually restore Medicaid funding for abortion.
  • We seek to promote the participation and leadership of women who are helped by abortion funds.

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